PLAYER NAME: Brian Roberts

CLASS: Wizard 8 / Loremaster 3 SENSES: Perception +2
RACE: Human
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
BACKGROUND: Sasserine Native

INITIATIVE: + 4 [+ 2 Dex, + 2 Trait]

HP: 62
AC: 15 [+ 2 Dex, + 1 armor, + 1 natural, + 1 dodge], Tch 13, FF 12

STR: 8
DEX: 14
CON: 14
INT: 22 / 26
WIS: 10
CHA: 10


FORT: + 9 (+ 3 base, + 2 Con, + 2 vest, + 2 familiar)

REF: + 7 (+ 3 base, + 2 Dex, + 2 vest)

WILL: + 9 (+ 8 base, + 0 wis, + 2 vest)

FEATS: empower spell, skill focus [knowledge (arcane)], craft magic arms and armor, craft rod, craft wondrous item, forge ring, scribe scroll, academy graduate, and maximize spell Craft Wand, Craft Staff.

TRAITS: classically schooled (magic), reactionary (combat), and acadamy graduate (regional – sasserine).

TRAINED SKILLS: craft (books) + 12, diplomacy + 14, fly + 11, handle animal + 14, knowledge (arcana) + 29, knowledge (dungeoneering) + 23, knowledge (engineering) + 23, knowledge (geography) + 23, knowledge (history) + 25, knowledge (local) + 14, knowledge (nature) + 23, knowledge (nobility) + 18, knowledge (the planes) + 23, knowledge (religion) + 23, linguistics + 14, ride + 11, spellcraft + 23, and use magic device + 4.

BASE ATTACK: + 5 | CMB: + 4 | CMD: 17

MELEE ATTACKS: dagger + 4 (1d4-1) OR quarterstaff + 4 (1d6-1).

RANGED ATTACKS: dagger + 7 (1d4-1) OR light crossbow + 5 (1d8) OR ranged touch + 7 (spell).

LANGUAGES: common, abyssal, draconic, infernal, celestial, undercommon, giant, aquan, sylvan, terran, and olman.


LEVEL 0 (4) – acid splash, disrupt undead, ray of frostS, and detect magic.

LEVEL 1 (10+1) – mage armor, 2x true strike, 2x shocking graspS, shield, enlarge person, 2x ray of enfeeblement, protection from evil, and magic missileS.

LEVEL 2 (6+1) – 2x glitterdust, scorching rayS, false life, spectral hand, and touch of idiocyP.

LEVEL 3 (5+1) – 2x fireballS, 2x haste, dispel magic, and fly.

LEVEL 4 (5+1) – ice stormS, 2x enervation, lesser globe of invulnerability, and 2x empowered scorching rayS.

LEVEL 5 (3+1) – cone of coldS, dismissal, teleport, and cloudkill.

LEVEL 6 (2+1) – 2x Chain LightningS, Greater Dispel Magic.

SPELLS PER DAY: 4/11/7/7/6/4/3


LEVEL 0 (Vol 1, pages 1-10) – acid splash, flareS, ray of frostS, disrupt undead, read magic, detect magic, mage hand, touch of fatigue, light!, and dancing lightsS.

LEVEL 1 (Vol 1, pages 11-20) – mage armor, comprehend languages, true strike, burning handsS, shocking graspS, shield, enlarge person, ray of enfeeblement, magic missileS, and protection from evil.

LEVEL 2 (Vol 1, pages 21-40) – glitterdust, scorching rayS, fox’s cunning, owl’s wisdom, false life, spectral hand, touch of idiocyP, cat’s grace, invisibilityP, and flaming sphereS.

LEVEL 3 (Vol 1, pages 41-74) – fireballS, haste, dispel magic, tongues, lightning boltS, hold personP, invisibility sphereP, fly, displacementP, protection from energy and water breathing.

LEVEL 4 (Vol 1, pages 75-91) – ice stormS, greater invisibilityP, enervation, and lesser globe of invulnerability.

LEVEL 5 (Vol 1, pages 92-100; Vol 2, pages 1-27) – cone of coldS, dismissal, permanency, waves of fatigue, teleport, polymorph, and hold monsterP.

SSpecialty School
PProhibited School

WEAPONS: dagger, light crossbow, quarterstaff, and 10 crossbow bolts.

GEAR: flint and steel, 1 oz. vial of black ink, belt pouch, 50 ft. silk rope, scholar’s outfit, spell component pouch, 2 spellbooks, 5 sunrods, 2 thunderstones, bone scroll case and 3 vials of basilisk blood.

MAGIC ITEMS: wand of cure light wounds (46 charges) (bought), vest of resistance + 2Crafted*, headband of vast intelligence + 4 [skill (diplomacy and handle animal); language (olman)]Crafted, bracers of armor + 1Crafted, amulet of natural armor + 1Crafted, pearl of power [1st) (bought from party), pearl of power (3rd) (party), wand of magic missiles [CL 3] (25 charges) (party), lesser metamagic rod of extend (party), ring of mind shielding (party), ring of wizardry I, 2 feather tokens (fan), 2 potions of cure light wounds, 1 potion of cure moderate wounds, and 1 potion of lesser restoration.

SCROLLS: 2x comprehend languagesCrafted, 2x true strikeCrafted, 1x shieldCrafted, 1x burning handsCrafted, 2x glitterdustCrafted, 1x greater invisibility, 2x false lifeCrafted, and 2x touch of idiocyCrafted.

Crafted=Items were crafted

Casts Arcane Spells.

Arcane Bond: Familiar (Rat).

Specialist Wizard: Evocation. Whenever you cast an evocation spell that deals hit point damage, add 1/2 your wizard level to the damage (minimum + 1). This bonus only applies once to a spell, not once per missile or ray, and cannot be split between multiple missiles or rays. This damage is of the same type as the spell.

Prohibited Schools: Illusion and Enchantment.

Force Missile: As a standard action, you can unleash a force missile that automatically strikes a foe, as magic missile. the force missile deals 1d4 points of damage plus the damage from your intense spells evocation power. This is a force effect. you can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Intelligence modifier.

Elemental Wall (Sp): At 8th level, you can create a wall of energy that lasts for a number of rounds per day equal to your wizard level. These rounds do not need to be consecutive. This wall deals acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, determined when you create it. The elemental wall otherwise functions like wall of fire.


Garrack was apprenticed to a mediocre wizard in a small far away town.  His master discovered Garrack’s natural knack for finding obscure magical facts and put him to use doing research.  This almost always kept him in the adjoining town’s library researching something or another for his master rather than actually doing what he would consider “learning” to be a wizard.  After 4 years of this, he’d finally had enough.  His master gave him the chore of going back to the library first thing the next morning.  So rather than doing as directed, he gathered what he could put his hands on (a lesser spell book that was mostly blank with a few 1st lvl spells and the cantrips, a couple thunder stones and some other minor equipment) and left in the middle of the night.  His master didn’t regularly use the equipment taken and the spell book was actually the one his master had provided him for his own “studies”.  Therefore, as far as Garrack knows, his master had no idea he’d left nor which direction he’d gone for at least 1 day.  He doesn’t know how good his master’s divination skills are or even if he cares enough to try to track him.  So he’s just kept moving getting work as a scribe/translating or copying books when he could.  He has a VERY strong drive to develop his magical ability and takes every opportunity to do so.


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