Savage Tide

Chapter 5: Tides of Dread

The PCs arrive at Farshore to discover it under attack by pirates. After aiding the colony’s defense, the PCs are reunited with Lavinia Vanderboren. She tells them of her own troubles at sea, and of the new problem facing the colony. A pirate captured during the attack reveals that he and his mates were merely scouts. The Crimson Fleet knows of the colony’s location, and in approximately two months, they will arrive in force to take what they can and burn the rest.

Before this event, the PCs are called upon to do what they can to prepare Farshore for the attack. Some of these tasks can be handled quickly and locally, but the most important missions take the PCs onto the mainland of the Isle of Dread, where they had to forge alliances with native peoples, secure access to natural resources, recover and repair the Minnow, and even face down the physical manifestation of an ancient Olman god. Each of these missions earned the party a number of victory points.

When the Crimson Fleet arrives, the PCs’ accomplishments during the ensuing battle earn them additional victory points. In the final encounter they come face to face with Lavinia’s brother Vanthus, now the half-fiend captain of a Crimson Fleet ship. At the battle’s end, the victory points are totaled to determine the result of the final battle and Farshore’s fate.

The following is the state of Farshore at the beginning of Chapter 5.

Farshore (hamlet): Conventional; AL NG; Population 240; 800 gp limit (Farshore’s resources and lack of real competition grant the hamlet a higher gp limit than normal]; Assets 9,600 gp; Isolated (220 humans, 7 half-elves, 6 halflings, 4 dwarves, 3 gnomes).

Authority Figures: Lavinia Vanderboren, nominee for Farshore lord mayor (NG female human aristocrat 2/swashbuckler 6), Lord Manthalay Meravanchi, nominee for Farshore lord mayor (LN male human aristocrat 3/fighter 5), Professor Aldwattle, Council Member (CG male human wizard 5/expert 2), Vesserin Catherly, Chaplain and Council Member (NG male half-elf cleric 6), Telda Syren, Council Member (CG female half-elf expert 4), Militia Captain Ulvar Kabbanja, Council Member (LG male human fighter 4).



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