Savage Tide

Chapter 3: The Sea Wyvern's Wake

Lavinia recruits the PCs to aid her in a long journey south to visit and resupply the colony of Farshore on the Isle of Dread. The PCs are put in charge of a ship captured in the previous adventure, the Sea Wyvern (now, renamed the Minnow). Their journey takes them from the city of Sasserine along the coast of the Amedio Jungle, and along the way they encounter several dangers and perils, including possible treachery from within. After a quick stop at the infamous ruins of Tamoachan to do a bit of exploring, they must run a blockade of Scarlet Brotherhood ships. Meanwhile, the PCs discover an old enemy, Rowyn Kellani, who has stowed away on board and is busy making trouble.

Eventually, they hit the open sea and arrive at the centerpiece of the adventure, an immense sargasso sea in which dozens of ancient ships lie lodged. The Minnow becomes enmeshed in the creepy seaweed as well. In order to free their ship and continue onward, the PCs had to defeat the vine horrors of the sargasso and slay the heart of the seaweed, a plant monster known as the Mother of All.

Finally, the PCs reach the Isle of Dread during a tremendous storm. The Minnow, battered and sinking, crashes on the northern shore of the island.

Welcome to the lsle of Dread!



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