Savage Tide

Chapter 2: The Bullywug Gambit

Still seeking Vanthus for their employer, Lavinia Vanderboren, and spurred on by discoveries made in the Lotus Dragon guildhall, the PCs seek out Kraken’s Cove, nestled within the scarlet reaches of Blood Bay. Expecting to find a secret pirate hideout, the PCs instead discover the place in the grips of utter bedlam. Arriving shortly after Vanthus released the savage tide inadvertently, the PCs were forced to contend with savage flesh-eating pirates. To make matters worse, this particular crew was transporting dangerous and exotic creatures in the holds of their ships, and now their deadly cargo, infected by the Abyssal energies of the tide, had escaped.

Man and beast haunt the cove’s twisting passageways, and the PCs navigated their way through the caverns of Kraken’s Cove while enduring an onslaught from savage enemies. Eventually they encounter Captain Harliss Javell, one of the few pirates to survive the savage tide intact. From her, the PCs learn that she sent her first mate and a band of froglike bullywug conscripts into Sasserine to extract revenge from Vanthus and his home, erroneously assuming the cowardly man fled there from Kraken’s Cove. The party raced back to Vanderboren Manor before their patron suffered at the slimy hands of bullywug mercenaries.

Yet in order to reach the manor, the PCs first had to navigate a city in the throes of a wild celebration in honor of Kyuss’ defeat one year past. Parades and revelry reigned in the streets, and the PCs had to wind their way through the wild throng to Lavinia’s manor. In transit, they were targeted by a band of assassins hired by Kellani family coin to pay the party back for their transgressions against Rowyn and the Lotus Dragons in the previous chapter. After contending with stilt-walking monks, the PCs arrived at Vanderboren Manor with little time to lose.

Inside, Drevoraz Kabran, Captain Javell’s first mate, had captured Lavinia and her household. The PCs were confronted with stopping the bullywug gambit, battling the frogmen to free their lovely patron before she was forced to pay for her brother’s crimes with blood.



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